Float building

Everyone can do jogging around the lake. Segways are also fun. But how about leaving your conference hotel in Hanover and taking a very special boat tour? One team and one goal. Build your own float and test it together with your team. Different materials are available for the raft. So far it sounds feasible. The challenge is that you do not have any tools. How is that possible?

Float building – On the water

Experienced guides are at the side of each group. Of course, you are not MacGyver, and chewing gum won’t hold a raft together. Or is it? You’ll find trunks, floats, ropes and straps. See how your team can get creative. When the raft is ready, it will be christened. After that it gets serious. Will it float? Under their own flag each team will launch their raft. You want a race? No problem. Or you can create a big staff float. The fact is that great team building is possible here and this event is definitely one of the employee highlights of the employee training in Hannover. The fun starts from 14 people and you should calculate about three hours of your time in Hannover.

If you have any questions or wishes regarding your social program around your convention in Hannover, we can arrange an individual program according to your wishes and ideas. This will ensure that your social programme in Hanover will also be an absolute highlight.

Fringe programmes in Hannover

Out of the conference room – into the supporting programme. Supplement your event with a teambuilding or experience program for your participants. Excitement, fun, relaxation or rather action? Together we will find the suitable fringe programme in Hannover.

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